Remote Teams Communication with

Because local developers are hard to find (and expensive), we’ve increasingly been relying on remote developers to get the job done. With the rest of the development team on the ground following scrum, we’ve had to find seamless ways of integrating remote devs into daily meetings, planning, review and retro sessions.

To facilitate collaboration between local and remote team members, I’ve been swearing by¬†

  • It has never been down/unavailable for us
  • We’ve run hour-long meetings without a disruption or lag
  • The sound and video quality are great
  • Screenshare as a killer feature – being able to share multiple screens from different users and switch between them
  • Chat and fun emojis help communicate whilst muted
  • Room customisations (pro) is a great touch
Screenshot of a midnight launch session

On a final note, many don’t seem to understand how easy it is to create a new room – It’s literally faster than starting a Skype call and doesn’t require adding users. Would highly recommend to anyone trying to improve communication with remote team members or just for a catch up with an old friend!