Looking back at 2017

2017 was a fun year for work, health and travel. Here’s what I got up to.

Launched a new (partial) Rhino Africa website on a new CMS and started moving content from the old to the new.

A new template showing tour ideas

Launched some smaller websites for Rhino Africa.

Completed two online courses to learn more about conversion rate optimization and Google Analytics.




Attended an award ceremony in a onesie and won  (including best-dressed).

Looking ridic but feeling great

Started taking Crossfit more seriously (training 3+ times per week) and participated in my first Crossfit Open.

Coming in at 102020 is always humbling #HWPO

Competed in my first scaled Crossfit comp. Our team made it to the final and then suffered a humbling defeat. Also cleaned 80kg for the first time.

Crossfit is fun

Competed in my first beer run at Crossfit Hout Bay: 4x400m and down a beer after each run.

Trained really hard for the next scaled competition and came 2nd. Had a great time here in our team of four, with a 190kg deadlift PB and finally doing 100 double-unders unbroken.

First podium with “Cape Caracals” team

Went road tripping through Portugal with Cindy.

Our trusty Citroen van

Signed my first bond and renovated my apartment.

Bashing down the kitchen wall

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