About Me

Technologist with 5+ years’ experience leading collaborative product design projects and managing agile web development teams.

How I work

  • Research

Understand everything about the task by doing heuristics and competitor analysis. Web analytics and mouse tracking tools paint a picture of how users navigate the funnel. Identify barriers and opportunities to improve conversion rates. Perform a technical analysis to fix low-hanging fruit.


  • Design

Run a kick-off workshop to present insights from the research phase and finalise the scope for the MVP. Have stakeholders complete a survey beforehand to specify business and design requirements. Draw up a project plan to specify project goals, scope and timelines. Assist UX and design departments to achieve client happiness and sign off.

  • Build

Run an iterative build of the MVP in two-week sprints. Assist team in solving edge cases and dealing with scope-creep. Communicate status and updates to project timelines. Facilitate work between different departments, e.g. web development with marketing and product.

  • Refine

Testing of the prototype with real people. Log and prioritise bugs. Ensure measurement protocols are in place to track changes to user behaviour. Prepare for next phase of project vision.


Where I work

I’m a Product Manager at Rhino Africa focussed on www.rhinoafrica.com – our main source of leads. Our mission is to be the authority on African travel. Rhino Africa creates tailor-made itineraries for Safari trips to Africa.

Previously I worked as a UX Designer at Native VML, an award-winning agency in South Africa.